12 January 2011

**Here comes the girls - French Vogue**

Yep Ladies -that was in the French Vogue recently. Another unusual shoot this time with some young girls. Lea, Prune and Thylane are girls that age differ "slightly" from the standard models shown in fashion magazines. They look about 7-8 years. Hamza Sharif immortalized young models in the styling, which can not be ignored by adult women. The girls are wearing satin dresses, fur coats and & towering heels. They look glam and so grown up!
It's a French Vogue so we can't expect anything safe or ordinary. That's why this magazine has such a strong position in the fashion industry. As much as I love the styling of this shoot do you you think that these girls are too young to play that role? What's your view guys? Justyna xxx

Pictures source: figa


  1. Not good Justyna...too young.

  2. Def Cupcake! I think the same...xx

  3. i don't realy like it!
    it's so fantastic to read your comments! i'm loving it! hope you know that k come karolina is also on bloglovin, facebook and twitter :) so cu soon!!!

    xoxo from rome

  4. Wow! I think one of the problems is that these young girls are so highly underdeveloped in every way. Why should we ruin the innocence that comes with being young and impressionable? However what you have said is correct... "It's a French Vogue so we can't expect anything safe or ordinary," haha so true! Thanks for getting us all thinking as usual!

    Have an amazing weekend friend!

  5. I don't like it. I am all for play dress up. But we need to keep these girl's innocence. There is no sparkle in their eyes. No youth. Calling Andy Cohen, Housewives of France.
    Little girls need to be little girls. Keep the toys, tea parties, make believe and child-like influences. I think fantasy makes a better editorial, believable and keeps its integrity,

  6. I agree ladies! They are too young and Madelaine you are right - there is no spark in their eyes -its really sad.
    Rachel I think the same girl - highly underdeveloped in every way - such a shame. In their age they should have fun and instead of lipstick they should have dolls! But yep It's Vogue and they always like to surprise us.
    I think styling is very good but not for this age xx

  7. The girls are 5-6 years old. They're not just put in older clothes, they're dressed like women going on dates. I'm sorry but that is just not acceptable, even from Vogue Paris.

    One thing that bothered me most of all was that these 'adult clothes' were paired with children's vests, as if the mixture of the two is normal. Disappointing editorial from VP's best issue of 2010 (in my opinion).

  8. I love the styling but they're too young..

    Loving you blog!! Stop by sometime!! Maybe we could follow each other if you want:)





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