28 November 2010

**Stylish Girl photo shoot**

It's been some time since my last post but I just came back from a superb holiday in Egypt and I saw that the pictures from the photo shoot I mentioned to you guys are ready! Hurra :) As promised here are just a few pictures. I called that shoot 'Stylish Girl' and by using clothes available on the High Street I put few outfits which you can use to glam up your look for the evening party. The shoot took place at the amazing venue, The Forbury hotel in Reading, UK (www.theforburyhotel.co.uk). Together with Paul (photographer), we lined up a great group of people who worked so hard and hope you can see the amazing results through the pictures.

Photographer: Paul White (Pure White Photography)
Stylist: Myself
MUA: Katie Cracknell
Hair Stylist: Ewelina Poniewaz
Models: Jenny Guttridge, Olga Markina

Your comments are always very welcome. Have a great week everyone! Justyna xx

18 November 2010

**Taylor Swift in December issue of Allure Magazine**

Hollywood's sweetheart Taylor Swift has vamped up her look for a photoshot for Allure magazine. A behind the scenes peek of the December issue shows the 20-year-old wearing blood-red lipstick, tausled hair and a Peter Soms dress which looks amazing on her. Personally I love this look on her, she looks more grown up and so stylish! Superb job! Justyna xx

(Photographed by Michael Thompson at Studio Berry Hill in Nashville)

PS: Source: www.allure.com/magazine/2010/12/taylor_swift

16 November 2010

**Street Style - New York girl**

I have been really busy recently with my photoshoot which was on Sunday hence no post for more than a week but as soon as the pictures are done (photographer Paul is working on them very hard at the moment) I will add to my blog so keep checking!
Anyway.... about the above picture which I wanted to share with you. I love street style photos and this one I like the most- stunning girl from New York who is looking super stylish! I lover her combo - fur & lace! So beautiful! Enjoy it :) Hope you having a good week so far, Justyna xx

PS: Source: fashionising.com

9 November 2010

**Alidra Alic - what a jewellery**

Ok so here is a treat for jewellery lovers. This jewellery is from a Copenhagen jeweller called Alidra Alic. There is a strong sense of fantasy-themed inspirations that went into this collection, which is labelled “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” The collection has been dreamed up to display 1800s flora and fauna with wonderful jewels. The pieces are all made from metal or plastic and are truly the stuff dreams are made of. It’s not a jewellery you would wear every day but definitely worth to have at least one of the pieces. Hope you like it as much as I do! Hmm will definitely add to my ‘wish list’. Justyna xx

PS: Source; www.alidraalic.com

7 November 2010

**Shoes, shoes shoes - Alexander McQueen S/S 11**

Sarah Burton has done it again for Alexander McQueen with the new Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 Shoes collection. The exquisite couture line still manages to leave us with numerous breathtaking and stunning designs. From butterfly death-defying heels to fur-inspired shoes, whatever you expect from the Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 shoes collection, you will surely not be disappointed after catching a glance of it. My favourite is the butterfly design which one is yours? Happy Sunday everyone! Justyna xx

PS: Source, www.obsessedwithshoes.com

3 November 2010

** Lanvin for H&M - more designs**

As promised here are some more pictures of the new Lanvin for H&M collection. The collection will hit the shops (only 200 worldwide) on 23rd November. It's stunning, colourfull and those dresses are going to be a hit for this party season. Good news is that Mr Elbaz has also designed collection for man so we can all be happy :) Justyna xx

Source: For more exciting pictures please visit Sandra's website: www.sandrascloset.com/i-want-lanvin-not-flowers

2 November 2010

**Joanne Fleming Design**

Photography by Amberley Valentine

Photography by Tobias Key

Photography by Cristina Carinhas

Photography by Howard Perry

I have 'virtually met' Joanne through Model Mayhem and I was really impressed with her designs. She is a very talented Designer based in Brighton, UK and please check her website: www.joanneflemingdesign.com for more information about her work. All her dresses are absolutely stunning, eye catching , unique and most important feminine. So if you planning a wedding or you are attending an evening party you may want to consider contacting Joanne who will make your dream dress. Her studio have ready made pieces but if you want to have something design especially for you she does offer no-obligation consultation which is a great starting point. As a Stylist, I always look for new designers, interesting pieces and in my eyes Joanne is one of them. I hope that one day I will be able to work with her stunning designs. Justyna xx


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