20 January 2013


Let me introduce you to an amazing artist - Maggie Piu (Małgorzata Bieniek-Strączek) who I came across via facebook. Maggie was born in Krynica, a small resort town in Poland. Brought up in a family of artists for generations, she continues this tradition with dedication. The passion of her life is painting and artistic drawing, a form of art which has influenced her imagination and creativity since childhood. Architect by profession, Maggie lives, works and creates in Cracow.
Her work has been shown in many exhibitions in London, Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice, Lublin, and other cities across Poland and Europe. 
In her artistic preferences Maggie is spiritually associated with an image of the woman of the “fin-de-sciecle”period. This fascination with femininity is prominently contradictions as the aesthetics of “art nouveau”. It combines the vision of a woman from the turn of the century with the surrealistic image of the female’s body-wrapping in the fairy tale mysticism.

Her work has been published in many magazines (fashion & art) and she also won many prestigious awards. 

Maggie is an amazing artist and her work is truly magnificent. There are many artists out there which I truly admire and Maggie is definitely one of them. Have a look at her blogs where you can find more info about the artist and I hope you will fall in love with her interpretation of femininity as I did. 

Maggie Piu

 Source: Imagies copied from Maggie's blog:

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