10 August 2011

** Alexander McQueen - Savage Beauty Exhibition**

In May in New York, Metropolitan Museum of Arts opened the exhibition of most beautiful projects of Alexander McQueen, Savage Beauty. This was so successful and popular that the museum leaders decided to extend the exhibition for another seven days. In those last days (last week of July),  the artist creations have been seen by about 23 thousand people. Total number of visitors was over 660,000. This puts this exhibition on the 8th place of most visited exhibitions in more than 140-year history of the MET.
The exhibition was divided into six thematic sections. The organisers collected a total of more than 200 projects, creations, shoes and accessories. Looking at the pictures made to order by Solve Sundsbo institutions you can see how McQueen's creations were just so individual, beautiful and unique. I still cannot believe that he is not around any longer but through this exhibition we can definitely see his work alive. Enjoy the pictures and a short video. Justyna xxx

 and here is a short video from the exhibition :)

PS: Source: youtube.com and Metropolitan Museum of Art

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