3 April 2011

**Arzu Kara - Young Designer to watch!**

Last Thursday I had this pleasure of meeting a lovely young Turkish designer – Arzu Kara. I met her at one of the shoots I did with Mark Andrews, photographer (I will be posting pictures from that soon). After that shoot we decided to meet up again and she offered to show me her new S/S 11 Collection.  I must say I was so glad we met and I was able to see her studio where she designs and meets people. When I arrived, she was wearing one of her own designs – beautiful light pink long jumper with amazing detail at the back. She took me to her studio and as soon as you walk in you know it’s a space owned by a very creative lady :). She showed me her collection, drawings and we had a chat about how she started, where she gets her inspirations from and what type of clients buy her designs. She started her label in 2006 and since then she has done three collections. I must say that her designs are very sophisticated, elegant and simple at the same time but also ready to wear. Beautiful soft and high quality fabrics makes you feel like you want to own a piece for yourself. Her recent collection of nine pieces is based on light summery colours - light pink, grey, white, mint which are very trendy for this summer season. She also designs as per individual request. If you are looking for a dream wedding or evening dress Arzu is the lady you want to see.
Her studio is based in Henley on Thames (UK) and her collections can be found via the following websites: Ebb & Flo, Fluidity, Pebble.

Please have a look at her website  for more info about her and her work. Below are some pictures I took on Thursday - hope you will  enjoy it as much as I did! Enjoy your weekend everyone! Justyna xxx

Arzu's design

Moodboard tabel design especially for Arzu by her friend -that was STUNNIG!

Tops from S/S 11 Collection

Cocktail dress with a very beautiful detail at the back

Headpiece design by Arzu
Lovely Arzu in her S/S 11 long jumper which I loved it!

Stunning jumper with detail at the back 
Arzu in her her own design - that top was beautiful!
...Last but not least - Me and Arzu


  1. Justyna what a freakin cool life you have! Her designs are beautiful as is her studio. You are one of the few bloggers who is living the experience of fashion. Your site has just blossomed since you have let us peak into your life. Amazing woman (you)!

  2. OMG Cupcake - you are such a sweet person! Arzu was soo lovely and we doing a shoot this weekend with her new collection ;) really great experiance and as much as I would love to do more fashion stuff its great to meet people like Arzu :) thank you again for your lovely comment! Justyna xxx

  3. I found it fascinating Justyna, keep it coming!

  4. Wow wow wow!! Utterly inspiring in every way, especially for someone like myself and where my passions lie. The sketches are gorgeous and the clothing is equally beautiful.. thank you so much for sharing and also for your kind kind words on my recent blog post. Means so much!


  5. That first sketch is just plain gorgeous, and I can see why she would be the one to go to for a wedding/evening gown. I also love the tops from the S/S 2011 collection, although I don't quite think the rest are particularly my style.




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