26 January 2011

**Scarlett Johannson for Moet**

Hey Guys. It's been some time since my last post but its all due to the busy work schedule and I had another shoot last Sunday which was amazing. Will share some pictures soon so keep checking :)
I want to share with you some pictures of Scarlett for a new Moet campaign. We all love a good bottle of bubbly and this ad is superb! She looks so beautiful in those pictures and  hats down to Tim Walker (Photographer) who is one of my favourite fashion photographers and he definitely nailed the shoot. Have a great Wednesday, Justyna xxx

Pictures source: Lace & Tea


  1. Really beautiful! The blue dress shot is gorgeous isn't it?!?!? The last shot is so cool! I love how she just has bright red lips and not much else in terms of makeup. Never seen this before great eye Justyna!

  2. Scar Jo look stunning. Reminds me a little of Cinderella, perhaps it is the blue gown, it has a fairy tale vibe. I love when Scarlett Johannson has softer side and romantic styling. Everything is gorgeous. Yes the ad is perfect. They definitely live up to the brand of luxury and add a hint of whimsy.

  3. I totally agree with you ladies! I must say that the 3rd picture is super stunning. Pure class, simplicity - just amazing. As Cupacake said light make up combine with red lips is magnificent! She just sells the product so well - I would def have a glass of that please :) xx



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