27 December 2010

**Edible fashion - Lady Gaga or Sung Yeonju?**

Surely you remember the creation of Lady Gaga shocking beef outfit which sparked a wave of indignation in the media around the world. It turns out that it is possible to create "edible" dresses who are truly beautiful. This has been done by Korean lady - Yeonju Sung. For two years she has headed the original project Wearable Foods, which is to provoke thought about the importance of dress and eating in human life. We see the creations made from the skins of the bananas, tomatoes, or chewing gum. Which creation do you prefer Lady Gaga or Sung Yeonju? Justyna xxx

Made from lotus roots

Made from chewing gums

Made from aubergines

Made from mushrooms

Made from tomatoes

Made from banana skins

Pictures source: www.figa.pl


  1. Lady Gaga is just disgusting and selfish. I cannot believe she wore animal flesh on her body just for fashion or publicity. We know that she like crazy clothes. We know who she is. What was her objective? It was so unnecessary.

    Yeonju Sung's designs not only show consideration to the environment but look pretty as well. Not sure about the chewing up one but that lotus root (yum) looks so pretty. My favourites though are the Enoki mushroom and tomato skin dress - tasty and glam!

    What an interesting post!

  2. So beautiful and elaborate Justyna! Very interesting post! The meat dress was disgusting but I'm sure there was a message there that was not conveyed...so then it's just a lame grab at publicity, which is unfortunate.

  3. Ladies totally agree - the beef 'dress' was awful; I know she likes to shock people but she has gone too far. Sung’s dresses are so beautiful and unique..just proved you can do something great without going to extreme. Shame on Gaga!

  4. Well, I actually don't mind the fact that she wore beef (I must be frank here, I'm not much of an animal activist or anything), I just think that it was plain ugly. These on the other hand, are amazing! Some of them are really, really beautiful, and if they weren't made from food, I'd wear some of them!

    And I was just going to let you know that I nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award, but I see you're one step ahead of me! :)


  5. I totaly agree! They look so real and you just want to purchase one for summer :) lol

    Angelica you are a Sweetheart! I will post something and thank you for nominating me. It will be interesting :) xx

  6. That beef dress was pretty ..interesting...yep it creeped me out, a lot. But hey we are all still talking about it...so well played Gaga, well played.
    I agree Yeonju Sung pieces are beautiful.
    The college I attended has a fantastic fashion program, hence why I obtain my degree in Fashion Communications from there :) But every year the design students create garments from unconventional items,records, bubble gum wrappers,etc. One year a girl made a beautiful full length gown from orange peels. I don't know how she did it..but you could wear it and it was gorgeous. However I don't know how long the gown last.
    Love your post and adore your blog!!!

  7. Hey Madeleine! Thank yo uso much for a lovely comment - so sweet of you! You have a new follower of your blog in me too :) xx
    Wow thats must have been amazing :) I finished a Clothing Design school myself and ones we have to design a dress using only paper. Such a shame I don't have a picture of that! Its really hard to do it especially that that dress was on the school fashion show!

  8. Hi Justyna,

    Unbelievably lovely! Great post.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Chic Glamorous and Splendid

  9. Its pretty amazing what we can create when we put our minds to it. Wow! Brilliant really!



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