10 October 2010

**TopStylista Fashion Workshop**

My Femme Fatale moodboard

My trend report prize

Last weekend on Sunday, 3rd October I attended the Fashion Workshop organised by TopStylista (www.topstylista.com). The workshop was run by two amazing ladies; Chantelle Znideric, Award winning Personal Stylist and founder of TopStylista and Mandy Deal, Fashion Stylist.

I must say I was hugely impressed with the way they designed the workshop. It was a mixture of theoretical and practical aspects of fashion styling. Knowing that it was only a day workshop, we covered a lot of topics during the day. Mandy and Chantelle explained in detail how to get into this very exciting ‘Styling World’ with a few key tips. These were namely how to build your fashion CV, how to get into the internship jobs and how to assist on fashion shoots. We also learnt how to use a clothes steamer and how to dress a mannequin – and trust me there is a technique to that too!

Prior to this course, they asked us to prepare the Trend Report for Fall/Winter 2010 which was great fun. We all read the glossy magazines and keep on checking on the latest trends but digging out all the info and putting a report together was great practice. I have picked the following five trends: Leather, Lace, Cape, Camel colour and Military trends as my key Fall/Winter trends. I absolutely love the lace trend – so feminine and elegant. To my surprise my trend report won the amazing price - ‘Atlas of fashion designers’.

At the end of the workshop we received this very exciting task to build a fashion mood board. I used the lace trend to create mine and I called it – Femme Fatale. By using a combination of lace items with simple black fitted jacket and heavy make up, I aimed for the sophisticated and elegant look.

I can fully recommend the workshop to anyone who is trying to break into Styling World. Mandy and Chantelle did a fantastic job with sharing their knowledge and experience with us and I really hope that one day I will be able to work with both of them. Justyna xx

Pictures source: TopStylista

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