28 October 2010

**Kate Moss for Topshop - last collection**

Unfortunately that’s true! For the past four years we have seen thirteen collections which truly showers Kate’s style and personality. I think that this coming fourteen collection will be one of her best ones! We will see beautiful maxi dress, bohemian style tops, jackets and vintage inspired jewellery range. All that will be available on the 2nd November. Great news is that from next year she will be designing limited edition drops and a new label, ‘Iconic Kate’, which futures re-released beautiful pieces from the previous fourteen collections.
Kate also teamed up with Brighton-based Topshop concession Orelia for a jewellery range too. We will see pendants, cocktail rings and star necklaces inspired by her tattoos and her passion for vintage-chic style. So worth to wait another year to see that! Have a great weekend everyone! Justyna xx

PS: Source; look.co.uk


  1. Ah yes! I heard about this too! So sad; I can't believe there will be no more Kate Moss for Topshop. Better enjoy it while it lasts.




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