21 September 2010

**What a show! Meadham Kirchhoff - LFW**

I have been checking the Style.com and Elle.co.uk every day since the LFW kicked off! There are so many beautiful collections out there - each day brings something new! Loving it so much! Looking at the different designers I have found that Medham Kirchhoff was one of the most interesting ones. The show took place yesterday (20th September) at the Topshop venue. Guest have found the stage set with a gothic installation of flowers, dyed eerily pink, and their seats laid with 'zine-style credit sheets, which the designers had stickered by hand with hearts and flowers!! – How amazing is that :)! The Manic Panic colours in the models' hair reinforced the grunge-era vibe, as did the makeup, which conjured the Riot Grrrls' messed-up kewpie doll look. This collection was absolutely stunning, I love the candy colours of lavender, yellow, and pink, then veering into carnal reds and blacks. A lot of work went into these pieces so congratulations and I look forward to seeing more of their work! Justyna xx

PS: Source Style.com

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